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Related article: After the Theatre European TravelerI thought that it would be just the usual day when I was getting ready to do some ushering work at the Warner Theatre. But before the evening was over, I discovered what backstage is like after the theater closesI arrived at the usual time for ushering and was placed in the orchestra section. Being there early, a person gets a chance to see the workmen going about their last minute chores. There is that last minute preparatory work that has to be done, and this night was no different. Hunky workers trying to get things ready.While standing around waiting for the theatre doors to Pthc Hussyfan Lolita open, a rather good looking black maintenance man kept going in an out the side stage door and I thought it a little strange. I edged over to the stage door so I could get a closer look. This man was not only good looking he was hunky, damn hunky. Well over 6 foot and weighted about 200 hundred pounds, chest as big as a barrel and it was obvious by the size of his arms that he was into weight lifting. His head and face, well his head was slightly horse shoe bald, cut short with his smooth lips sporting a thinly cut mustache, brown eyes that glistened. His pants were definitely tailored to fit him, drawing tightly over his beautiful ass when he walked. The view from the front was just as imposing. It was obvious that he was wearing boxer shorts, with a slight protruding bulge. Enough to make me drool. His thighs were thick like oak logs and emphasized the bulge in his trousers. Leaving me to wonder how it'd look if it started to expand in those pants.The next time he passed by, I smiled and he returned a smile with a slight wink of the eye. Of course, if you're interested in black men an a real hunk goes by, you know what that does to your best friend that is quietly resting in your shorts. Mine was starting to feel the urge to expand from the excitement of thinking about what could happen. Thank goodness I was wearing tight jockey's to prevent it from getting out of hand. About the fifth time going into the stage door, he paused a little longer and returned a very pleasant smile and said, "duty calls, catch you later." I only could agree and made a Pthc Hussyfan Lolita stupid remark like, "the show must go on." He retort was, "maybe we'll have a better show later." Yea, I could only hope so. The theatre doors were opened and I temporarily forgot about this black hunk who had me oozing pre-cum in my shorts. Thank goodness for dark pants. After the show started I stationed myself by the entrance and waited for late comers. As I was waiting, that maintenance man came through the front saying that he had work to do in the back. Seeing him in brighter lights made him that much more attractive, he was a hot man. His smile was infectious and it turned me on. He said that he knew it wasn't my duty, but would I help him lift something. Pthc Hussyfan Lolita I agreed and went with him into the lower lobby workroom. The object that he wanted lifted I knew that he could have lifted it by himself, and told him so. His return comment was, "yeh, but it's more fun when two people do it, doing it alone can be tiring." Then there was that smile and a wink. As I walked by him to leave, he had his hand on that slight bulge in his green overalls, and the other hand brushed against my thigh. I'm sure that he could hear my heart beating. I commented back, "yeh, it sure is better when you can do it together. Later." I left in a hurry because I knew if I stayed there much longer I would have ripped those fucking pants off of him, sucked on that thick shaft of his. I returned to my position in the theatre and tried to take my mind off of this man who already had my cock oozing pre-cum and wondering what he'd do to me in bed. Mounted and being mounted and sucking on his cock kept flashing across my mind. I was getting too horny, and the only thing I could do was to go and relieve myself in the rest room. Which I did in a flash. Strangely, it didn't relieve me of my tension. I got back to my post just in time for intermission and spend the time watching the fire doors so folks couldn't exit out that way for a smoke. That door was next to the inside stage door, where the crew kept going in and out. As luck would have it, he stuck his head out of the door and made a comment about, "you want to see back stage sometime?" Regretfully, I told him that we were not allowed back there, especially at this time. He said that possibly after the theatre was closed that he could give me a private tour. I jokingly said that I would like that, but probably shouldn't, because one never knows what could happened. He looked at me and said; "I could only hope what would happened!" I could tell by his breathing that his hormones were in over-drive and his eyes were wondering all over my body. He kept the door slightly ajar and stood in such a position that only I could view his complete body. He had one hand on the door, the other hand resting on his bulging crotch, slowly moving up and down. I told him that he'd better get back to work because if he kept that up, I have to slam him down on the floor and shove my throbbing cock down his throat, I was getting ready to explode. His comment was, " see you after the show." With that he shut the door. When the show was over, it was part of the ushers job to help be sure that everyone was out of the theatre, and the house people would take care of the rest of the building. Just then the workman showed up in his green trousers, and that ole feeling started to creep into my groin. Since he was one of the house personnel he said that he would be sure that things were locked up tight and no one was left in the building. I was disappointed until he said to me, "why don't you head back to the side fire door and stay out of sight." With the feeling in my pants getting hotter I quickly agreed. After what seemed to be eternity, he came around the corners and said that the theatre was completely empty and that we were alone. I told him for his protection, since I was a volunteer and it did matter if I was thrown out, we should check the place out closely before making any side trips to back stage. He agreed and thanked me for be so cautious. When we got up to the spot light room up in the back, I opened up the door and he followed me in. Then it hit me, I just couldn't wait to get my hands on his crotch. I grabbed his groin and started to massage his thickening cock. What a beautiful sight to see, a tight pair of pants on a man with his cock slowly enlarging down the leg. With the other hand I started to rub his massive chest, his breathing quicken and said; "gawd, I want that cock sucked." With that I loosened his belts, got on my knees and pulled his pants down. His thick cock shoved up and out against those boxer shorts, but I managed to get it through the opening and quickly planted my lips on that thickening cock head of his. The smell was delicious, but I didn't take time to savor it, I wanted that black throbbing cock deep into my throat. I pulled his ass forward and he grasped the back of my head. My lips were pulled against that wonderful black bushy hair in his groin, I rubbed my nose in it, enjoying every moment of having a thick cock planted in my throat, throbbing. He was hot and wanted to fuck my face, in a couple of minutes with my tongue working it's way around his cock-head, he lunged forward, grabbed by head and started driving that missile down my throat. I was hungry for that cock, the way I felt at that moment was, I wanted to suck that cock for hours. I couldn't get enough of his cock. His cock worked it way down and I could feel it throbbing release as it spilled forth his seed from those hairy black balls. His ebony rod must have been very sensitive because he held my head tight and wouldn't let me move. After a short, but very delight rest, he pulled me to my feet and said that was one of the hottest sessions he has had in a long while and hoped that he'd get another chance. I assured him, that before the evening was through, if he was willing, he'd be tired. I intended to work that head of that cock until it was sore. We left the lighting booth and he took the stairs one way and I the other, just to be sure that no one was left in the theatre. We worked our way through the upper and lower lobby and then back to the stage area. Once in the back stage area he showed me some of the dressings rooms that people had used. I told him that he should be careful here and that it would be safer if he just came to my house. He agreed and said that he was concerned that I might not want a guest that late at night. I told him that midnight wasn't late on a weekend and I hope he didn't have to head home for something. He assured me he didn't. Little did he know that I was lusting for that body and wanted it all night. By now the subway had closed for the evening, so we hailed a cab to give us a lift. The driver of that cab was a splitting image of the hunk of beef standing next to me. He asked us where we wanted to go and I told him. The cab driver started to make light conversation about us coming out of the theatre so late and Carl just said that we had just locked it up after the last person left and want to head home to get some sleep. Where as the cabby said, "I thought I had taken the last customer home an hour ago, you fellows must have had something interesting going on in there." Carl just said, "yeh, and it was good." All three of us had a knowing grin. The cabby's only comment then was, "glad to hear that something was good." You could tell that the cabby was rubbing his crotch. There was more light conversation and several implied innuendos with heavy sexual overtones. That cab driver knew what he had in his cab, and here I was with two of the huskiest men I had seen in several years. I'd taken either one of them home. I reached over and started to play with Carl's groin, and he leaned over and said that if I kept that up the driver would know something was going on. I replied that I'm sure he already knew. The driver, whose name we found out to be John, kept looking in the mirror and giving a knowing smile and wink at the both of us. More light chatter followed and then the cabby got real bold and said, "well if you guys need any help tonight, just ask, you're my last customers, before I have to head home alone." I glanced at Carl and the both of us just nodded our head in agreement. Then Carl said, "yeh, we'll need some help tonight if you think you're man enough, because you'll be putting out for the both of us. That ass and cock of yours had better be hot." Well, John picked right up on that and said, "yeh, sounds fun." I was getting so hot thinking about it, I started to unzip Carl's pants and took his cock out. The driver turned around and said, "jeez, you are hot to suck his cock, how about putting those lips around my cock." I stopped sucking Carl and said that the driver needed a lesson. "Pull over and let me get in the front seat." He did and I got in the front seat, John already had his cock out and playing with it. I told him to stop because I could do a better job on this thick throbbing ebony joy stick than he could. I dove down on that cock and took it right to the roots. I was hungry for sucking a good black cock tonight, I just couldn't get enough. I was insatiable, tonight I couldn't get enough black cock to suck on, and at the same time I was thinking about Pthc Hussyfan Lolita having my cock planted into a nice hot black ass. He let out a "gaaaawd, suck that cock, jeeeeeez that feels good, I'm Pthc Hussyfan Lolita going to shot this wad in a hurry, hold still, let me fuck that mouth of yours, take this cock, shit, I'm coming, gaaaaawd, that was hot." I continued sucking all the juices out of his cock, rose up and told him there would be more of that at home, if he gets there. As the driver took off again, I just climbed back in the rear seat and started on Carl's cock again, after watching me give John the quickie suck, he was hot, but I kept him on the brink. He pulled his pants down and one of my hands was under his ass, I started to finger fuck him. "Yeh, oh yeh, shove that up my ass, suck my cock." Carl put both hands on the back of my head and was raping my throat, I was in heaven with his monster cock pummeling my mouth. Just then the driver said we were close to the house and probably should make ourselves respectable. Carl told him to slow down, he was about to shoot his load in my fucking throat. "Ahhhhh, ohhhhh, damn take this load," as I felt his nuts tighten up and his cock enlarge, shooting hot Pthc Hussyfan Lolita spasm of cum down my throat. We arrived at the house, my cock was straining to get out of the pants. I told Carl and John to make themselves at home, preferably naked in the bed room. Carl said, "then what?" I told him I didn't care, but that one of them should be on their belly, because I'm getting the case of the blue balls and have to fuck something right away. Carl said, "yeh, having your finger in my ass was just an appetizer, now I want the real thing, I hope you fuck as good as you suck and when you're through I going to fuck your ass good. This black cock is going to mount that sweet ass of yours and you're going to give me a ride for the rest of the night. I went in the kitchen and got us some beers, while Carl and John headed for the bedroom. By the time I got up to the bedroom, Carl and John already had their clothes off and laying on the bed. Carl laying on top of John. There was Carl's beautiful backside exposed. Both of them were starting to kiss each other deep, while John's hands were playing with Carl's ass. John opened up his eyes and looked at me, giving me a knowing wink. I reached for the lube on the bed stand and applied a little to my finger and started to finger fuck Carl. He tighten up those muscles and let out a low groan, "oh, yeh, work those fingers in there, loosen it up, get me ready for that fuck." I kept it up, he arched his back, exposing that love chute that would have me climbing on and fucking it. Jeez, I wanted to shove this cock right into his ass, now. But I kept playing with that love chute, I wanted him hot and ready for the fucking I wanted to give that ass. He kept asking for more and spread those legs, with that I climbed on the both of them. Carl had spread his legs for the onslaught he was begging for and John held those ass cheeks apart so that I could aim my thick cock right to the center of his opening. I entered with ease, he was ready. He arched his back and shove backward, "oh yeh, fuck that ass, show me how a man fucks, I want your cock in there deep." John said that he would like to get from underneath the both of us, so we stopped for a moment while he crawled out. I then started driving my cock into that ass, he kept arching his back, begging to get fuck. The next thing I knew, John was playing with my ass. "Yeh, I like to see those ass muscles of yours work while you're driving that cock into his ass. I bet those buns would feel good having this black cock fucking you while you hopping on Carl's ass. You want to get mounted don't you." "Yeh, mount me." "Get ready, this hot black cock rod is going to give you the ride you want." I turned my head slightly and told him, "yeh, fuck my ass, get that black cock in there. Fuck me while I fuck Carl. Oh, Yeh." I continued to fuck Carl's ass and his ass felt tight. Carl let me plunge my cock deeper inside of him, then almost all the way out, then in again, hard and rough, as though I were nailing his ass to the bed. His ass was tight. "Oh, yeah," Carl groaned, my cock sliding into his tight ass, I stopped for a minute until John could get his thick cock planted in the white ass he wanted so much. As he penetrated me I felt his cock getting larger and larger, and I knew he was going to give my ass a good fuck. He grabbed my shoulders and pulled himself up tight onto my ass groaning and saying, "take this mancock up your ass, work those muscles, I've got enough cock to pound your hungry asshole." Meanwhile Carl was slamming his ass back to meet each thrust and devour my cock, groaning, "fuck me until I can't walk, fuck me raw, I want some serious fucking, pound that ass." I was caught in the middle, Carl pushing back as hard as he could and John shoving forward, fucking hormones took over. I was hot and I pounded Carl in short, hard strokes, and never let up. While at the same time John was burning up my ass, grinding his thick black cock as deep as possible. "Ooooh, John, fuck me, I want Pthc Hussyfan Lolita your load, fuck me with that cock, give me more, make me know you're in there!" It didn't take long for his big dick to fill my spasming asschute. I squeeze my ass muscles tight and let him ride up and down with his long shaft while I enjoyed Carl's backward slamming of his ass into my cock. I could hear the sound of our naked flesh slapping together each time I buried my cock into his guts and could hear his groans of pleasure. Again and again, I rammed my thick length of hard flesh into his black ass, while John was doing his best to thrust his big cock completely into my asshole. After what seemed to be a very short time, the need to release was too great. We fucked faster and harder, jamming in, shoving it to the hilt, with one last lunge and me pile driving into Carl's ass, I felt John's cock thicken to a wonderful size and send spasm of juice deep into my ass. Feeling his throbbing cock rubbing up against my prostrate sent me over the edge. One more shove is all it took to plant my enraged cock deeper, while Carl continued to spread his legs as far as he could. He wanted that cock, and I nailed that ass of his to the bed. We all were exhausted and rolled over on our sides, catching our breath. I don't know which one I enjoyed more, John fucking my ass or letting Carl back up to my cock. But what ever it was, the three of us changed position several times that night. By morning, we were exhausted and finally hit the sack, with a cock imbedded in my ass, and mine in another.
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